Video Audio
1. MS of woman picking up a newspaper in her living room.  The sun is shining and the curtains are open. Upbeat background music
2. WS of woman sits down on her couch and opens her copy of Business First Sound of the woman opening the paper
3. CU of a newspaper article with the Business First logo visible on the upper left hand corner.  Another woman’s picture is shown in the right-hand corner SFX: Whoosh sound
4. MS of woman picking up her smartphone from coffee table Upbeat background music
5. CU of woman talking on the phone and smiling Woman A: I saw your profile in Business First.
6. MS of newspaper with another woman’s photo visible Woman A: The article is great!  I didn’t know that about you!
7. CU of woman on phone smiling and laughing Upbeat background music
8. CU of second woman’s photo in newspaper SFX: Whoosh sound
9. MS of woman being interviewed in her office. Woman B: I started at this company….
10. CU of second woman talking Woman B:  I was promoted to this position….
11. MS of reporter taking notes on a notepad Reporter: Could you repeat that?
12. MS of reporter typing up her notes on her laptop.  She looks back and forth between her notes and the screen Upbeat background music
13. CU of reporter’s eyes moving back and forth SFX: Sound of fingers tapping on computer
14. CU of a “Submit” button being clicked with a cursor SFX: Sound of a mouse clicking

Reporter: Got it in by the deadline!

15. CU of computer screen as the article is being placed for layout SFX: Sound of a mouse clicking
16. MS of printing press spinning around and around SFX: Sound of the printing press roaring
17. MS of second woman reading article Upbeat background music
18. MS of woman who puts up the now framed article on the wall in her office.  She is smiling. Upbeat background music
19. Screen with Business First logo is displayed VO: Business First-Greater Louisville’s definitive source of local business news and information


02;32;45     One of the most rewarding things about my practice is the impact that my practice — it’s so hard for me to say that…

02;33;21      I think one of the most satisfying things is not only seeing the effect that I can have on the family is having the parents hug me and cry and be thankful for the change that was made, but also when the kids are a little older and they can talk to me and they come in and at one point, they come in crying to me saying, “The kids at school are making fun of me,” and then after surgery they come back and they’re smiling and they’re not crying anymore and kids aren’t teasing them anymore.

02;20;22     I think that it’s very important to parents that I dedicate my career to this and to children. If you see my office, you’ll see that the entire place is just filled with toys and it’s very child-friendly. I rarely see my patients in an exam room. I think it makes them nervous.

02;18;06     I think you develop a very intimate relationship with the patient more so, I think, than in many other surgical specialties because, at least in what I do, I meet most of my patients right after they’re born, and then I often take care of them until they’re teenagers and thereafter.

02;49;17     I honestly think that the reason why I connect with the kids is that I never wear a white coat in the office. It scares them. So not only do they come to my office and they have a playroom to play in while I’m examining them and they don’t know I’m examining them, I think I’m small. I’m sort of their size almost. It sounds silly, but I think I’m not intimidating to them. I never stand up with them. I’m always sitting down.

02;51;22       I think a common misconception with children that are born with any kind of deformity is that there is something intellectually or mentally wrong or that there’s some sort of mental disability associated with it.

02;52;16      There’s a lot that we can do today that we couldn’t do even just a few years ago, whether it’s from a birth defect or an accident.

02;33;21        I think it’s just one of the most amazing things to transform a child’s life like that so that they’re not — that they don’t have a disadvantage in that regard.  They’re not teased and they can go to school and be a normal kid like they are.

02;53;17        You know, life is challenging enough.  Life just brings with it its everyday challenges to begin with, and my goal is to allow these children or to help these children enter the world with no more challenges than everybody else has.

02;52;16         Our goal is to help return that child’s life.


Digital Storytelling IMC 634

Script Template




  Video Audio
1. Wide Shot (WS): A man is about to eat his egg mcmuffin when a woman walks up to him and pats him on the shoulder. Sound of upbeat music

Female voice (FV): “Egg McMuffin”


2. WS: The man looks up startled while the woman sits down.  Notice another man wearing same jacket in the background. FV: “good call babe”


3. Medium Shot (MS): The woman sits down and opens the lid of her oatmeal FV: “Fresh cracked eggs”


4. Close-up (CU) shot of the woman dipping her spoon into the oatmeal FV: “With all the fruit in here”
5. MS: The woman takes a bite and savors the taste FV: “Mmmm”
6. MS: The woman is about to give a bite of the oatmeal to her husband. FV: “You’ve got to try this honey”
7. MS: Woman notices the man she is sitting with is not her husband FV: “Oh, you’re…”
8. CU: The man takes the bite of the oatmeal FV: “not my honey…”
9. MS to WS: The woman looks shocked the man took a bite of her oatmeal Sound of a spoon dropping on the table
10. WS: The woman gives the man her spoon and leaves the table.  The man watches her leave.  The woman goes to another table where her husband is at.  

1st Male Voice (MV1): “It’s so good”



VO: “The simple joy of getting lost in breakfast”

11. The McDonald’s slogan slowly comes across the screen McDonald’s jingle plays
12. The screen dissolves into a red background with McD’s slogan and logo Jingle continued…
13. CU: The woman’s husband talks to the man.  He points to his wife. The woman starts to laugh a little and then stops.  

2nd Male Voice(MV2):“It’s actually how we met”


FV: “Ha, you”

Digital Storytelling IMC 634

Script Template




  Video Audio
1. Wide Shot (WS): An ocean liner sails across the ocean Male VO: “This is not just any cruise.”
2. Medium Shot (MS): A family of three looks out their window in their stateroom.  Close-up Medium shot(CU-MS): The family is looking out at the ocean on their balcony. VO: “This is MSC Cruises.”
3. WS: Two women are jogging around the deck.  White font: Sails to 150 destinations worldwide. VO: “One of the largest cruise lines in the world.”
4. MS-CU of two jogging women who get served water by one of the workers.  Cut to CU of boy going down the water slide. VO: “Where every detail is beyond just ordinary.”
5. WS: People are performing on the stage while one can see the heads of the audience.  Cut to MS of the audience clapping.  Cut to CU and then back to WS of woman performing acrobatics.  White font: Awarded Best Production Shows 2016-Porthole Cruise Magazine VO: “You won’t see just one performance, you’ll see a different performance every night.”
6. MS-CU of chef examining dish he is preparing.  Cut to CU of food being prepared.  White font: Created by Michelin-starred chefs VO: “And you won’t be served just any meal, you’ll enjoy freshly prepared, international cuisine.”
7. WS: Couple being served dinner with the ocean in the background  
8. WS: Ocean liner sailing across ocean.  White font: 1.877.665.4655 and VO: “Because this just not any cruise, this is an MSC cruise.”
9. MS: Girl in cave. WS: People riding horses in shallow waters  
10. CU-MS: Woman laying in pool.  White font of MSC Cruises and information about cost of staterooms and contact information


Go-to: Turner Classic Movies

Back-up: Business First of Louisville

I was going to go with Business First as my go-to, but a Super Bowl commercial inspired me to go with Turner Classic Movies.

Why are we advertising?

TCM needs to increase its revenue streams while keeping the mission of what the channel is all about.

Whom are we talking to?

The TCM fanbase.

What do they currently think?

While their needs and desires are usually met, the TCM fanbase is wary of new changes to the channel.  One example is it took fans around five years to warm up to TCM host and “heir apparent” Ben Mankiewicz.

What would you like them to think?

TCM has no plans to change the format of the channel, but needs to evolve in order to stay competitive.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?

TCM has the audience’s best interests at heart.

Why should they believe it?

TCM always asks the audience’s input with surveys, message boards, and social media.

What is the personality we want to convey?

TCM is the destination for classic movies.

Are there any Sacred Cows?


Are there any creative guidelines?

TCM uses traditional and non-traditional marketing.  Keep any type of advertising classic and elegant.  You can be a little edgy, but don’t go overboard.

Why are we advertising?

Business First wants to increase the number of subscriptions and retain their current subscribers.

Whom are we talking to?

Business owners and people who work for businesses in the Kentuckiana (Louisville, KY; New Albany, IN; Jeffersonville, IN; Clarksville, IN) area

What do they currently think?

Business First provides in-depth news for businesses in the area.  Some would like to buy a subscription to Business First, but do not see the value of an investment like this; there are more important things to purchase.

What would you like them to think?

Business First is an investment that would be beneficial to a business.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?

Subscribing to Business First can help businesses locate new business and contacts for the future.

Are there any creative guidelines?

Remember the journalistic guidelines in journalism.


A basketball makes its way to the hoop.  A group of guys hold their breath in anticipation.  The ball didn’t go in and bounces back to one of the men who are in wheelchairs. The men keep playing their game of basketball going back and forth until finally the ball sinks into the hoop.  All but one of the guys get out of their wheelchairs.  Only one guy needs a wheelchair; his buddies want to include him in all their activities.

A Coca-Cola deliveryman is stocking the cooler with Coke products.  We can see him via the store’s security camera.  He looks to the left and right, making sure no one can see him.  He opens the Pepsi cooler to grab a can of Pepsi.  Sadly, one of racks breaks and Pepsi cans flood the floor.   The deliveryman walks away in disgrace.



We often see advertisers use “creative choice” when they advertise during the Super Bowl.  The agencies always bring their A-game to create something that people will be talking about for a long time. They want people on social media to go “What was that all about?” Reportedly, Fox, who will air the game this year, asked for $5-5.5 million per spot. (Calkins, Rucker 2017)


The story: The famous Clydesdale horses are about to play a friendly game of football while other animals sit by and watch.  All of a sudden, one hairless sheep comes out and flashes everyone.  Two ranchers comment on the festivities.  All they say is:


“Didn’t need to see that”


The Strategy: Budweiser knows how to sell their products without showing them-great humor and great drama.  They went for humor and are able to get away with promoting streaking by utilizing a hairless lamb.

Brand Positioning Statement: Be free.


The story: A young man sitting at a bar hears an older man (fun fact: the two men are Liam Neeson and his son Micheal) saying “There is a revolution coming.”  The young man says “Excuse me? What do you mean?”  The older man holds what looks like a credit card (it’s a playing card) and says: “The future is staring back at us.”  The older man throws the card and it sticks to a mirror.  The older man tells the young man that the future must be protected.  The young man is confused.  The older man tells the young man to look into the card.  The young man is transported into a world of mirrors.  He is holding a glass briefcase and is being chased through some type of maze.  He finds a motorcycle and opens the suitcase which reveals the LG Oled-the perfect picture of glass.  The glass turns into a TV.  Finally, the young man asks the older man who he is.  He tells him that the future is staring back at him.  The screen says “The future begins.”

The strategy: The commercial was produced and directed by another father-son team-director Ridley Scott and his son Jake.  Ridley explains:

“It’s a dynamic short film; it’s about the race to be on the vanguard of innovation and to be able to create tomorrow’s technology.”

Jake Scott added:

“The objective was to create a world you’ve never seen before or a world that was unique and specific to the OLED”

The spot highlighted LG’s new cutting-edge technology, which creates a life-like picture and equipped with high-dynamic range (HDR) capability. (Richards 2016)

Brand Positioning Statement: Protect the future


The story: A woman lifts weights and breathes heavily, a woman does exercises with a core ball and breathes heavily, a man runs and stops to take a breath, a woman with sweat on her face stops and takes a breath, a man lifts weights, a man uses the ropes at a gym, a man sits on a bench in locker room, people are practicing yoga (the cobra move to be exact), a man jumps up and down, shots of women breathing, a man on a bicycle, a man screams under water, a man is practicing his boxing moves, more shots of people taking a breath.  Someone opens a bottle of Michelob Ultra (around the :21 mark).  The screen says “Brewed for those who go the extra mile.”  “95 calories” “2.6 carbs”

The strategy: The ad was directed by Antoine Fuqua, who directed Training Day.  According to A-B InBev, Michelob Ultra is the fastest growing beer brand in the country. (Monollos 2016)  In fact, this was the first time Michelob had an ad in the Super Bowl since 2010.  Edison Yu, VP of Michelob Ultra had this to say in a statement:

“We know that Michelob Ultra drinkers exercise regularly and still make time to have a social life. We made ‘Breathe‘ to celebrate those who put in this extra effort and choose a beer that they can enjoy without sabotaging their hard work.” 

Brand Positioning Statement: Reward for a fierce workout.



The new year of 2017 is just around the corner.  What will happen in the social media landscape.  According to Social Media Explorer, social media is evolving at a rapid pace and is now part of our daily routine.  So here are the company’s predictions for 2017:

  1. Social Networking Use will Continue to Rise-look at this chart, in 2017 the number of users will grow at 8 percent to a total of…



2. Employees will turn into Beacons for their Brand-if you are working for a company that considers itself “connected”, you might be asked to share business updates.  Companies are turning to their employees to become brand ambassadors to further their image.


3. “Real” Real-Time Engagement-users expect a brand to have a social team on their feed to answer questions and resolve issues.  A study found that 72 percent of Twitter users expect to hear from brands within the hour of their initial post.

4. Driving Decisions Through Analytics-statistics will play an important part in the social media of 2017.

5. Social Video Wins Again!-Snapchat has over 10 billion daily views on its video content.


2017 sounds like a fun year!


Webb, A. (2016). 2017 Latest Social Media Marketing Trends. Retrieved from:


Google hardware event

Take a look at these products.  On Tuesday, Google announced the introduction of six different devices, ranging from phones to virtual reality.  On top of all that, Google CEO Sunday Pichai reiterated his vision of artificial intelligence as the key technology to tie all of these devices together. (Roettgers 2016)

All will be available by the holiday season.  The National Retail Federation recently released its annual holiday sales forecast, which predicts retail spending will jump 3.6 percent in November and December to a record $655.8 billion.  That’s significantly higher than the 10-year average of 2.5 percent and above the 7-year average of 3.4 percent, according to the report. (Soergel 2016)

The federation’s chief economist, Jack Kleinhenz, had this to say:

“Consumers have seen steady job and income gains throughout the year, resulting in continued confidence and the greater use of credit, which bodes well for more spending throughout the holiday season,” “[T]he economic spending power of the consumer is resilient, and it should never be underestimated.”

Will Google Products be the holiday gift this year?  We’ll soon find out.


Roettgers, J. (2016). Everything Google Announced at its October 4 Hardware Event. Retrieved from:

Soergel, A. (2016). Holiday Outlook: Spending Up, Santa Helpers Down. Retrieved from:



Google also announced yesterday that they have created Google WiFi, a router that supposed to simplify the process of a wireless network.


Also, Google came out with Google Home, a voice-activated assistant which will be in competition with Amazon’s Alexa.  Check it out:

Finally, Google introduced Daydream View, a new VR Headset.  I hope it works out better than Google Glass.

Google CEO Sunday Pichai said as he started the presentation, “We want to build each user his or her individual Google.” (Teti 2016)

Google is here to take over the world, again.


Teti, J. (2016). Google Announces New Phones, AI Products Designed for Human People Like You. Retrieved from:


Google entered the smartphone market with Pixel.  Here’s a video explaining what Pixel offers (yes, it has a headphone jack):

According to Google’s press release, Pixel can charge a battery in 15 minutes-that’s seven hours worth of battery life, their own Siri called Google Assistant, and the claim that they have created the best smartphone camera EVER.  Here’s a sample: (Rakowski 2016)


So, what does everyone think.  Will Google give Apple a run for its money, or are we too immersed in the iPhone?


Rakowski, R. (2016). Introducing Pixel, Our New Phone Made by Google. Retrieved from: